07 March 2014

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream Review & Swatches

Howdy all, I hope all is well with anyone who is still reading my lonely ol' blog. I'm doing great, thank you for asking, just four more classes until I complete my undergrad. Whoo hoo!

So onto what this post is really about...

I've been using the First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream, $28 for a 6oz purchased at Sephora, for about half a year now so I feel it's an appropriate time for a review.

I goofed and forgot to take a photo so we're going to use the photo from the Sephora website, okay?

This cream has many uses. As the jar says, you can use it to "Hydrate dry, parched skin. Relieve minor irritation and itching due to eczema and other conditions. For the face and elsewhere." What I use it for is just an everyday facial moisturizer. I haven't tested out how it fares with eczema yet mainly because mine hasn't acted up in a while.

Took this photo the first day I got it. Don't know why my hand is so red!

It feels just the way it looks, like a jar of whipped goodness! The texture of the cream is so light and fluffy yet you only need the smallest amount of product for your face to be completely moisturized. There's a faint scent of eucalyptus when you first apply the product but don't let that deter you from using it because it disappears within a couple of minutes. Plus, after a month of daily usage I don't even notice a scent anymore.

Product on hand

After becoming so familiar with this cream, looking at the photo above just makes me think of how easily this blends and absorbs into my skin. What do you think it'll feel like when you look at it?

See how fast it absorbs?! It really is non-greasy and it makes my face feel baby smooth! The only downside to it is that it comes in a tub which instantly makes me think unsanitary! But... there's always a but... the only time I ever apply this is right after I've just finish washing my face so I suppose it's not a problem.

First Aid Beauty also sells this in a 2oz tube for $12 and had I known, I definitely would've gone for that even though the 6oz price is more bang for your buck. But hey, I'll still probably go buy it to keep in my makeup bag.

Yes, my father is Chewbaca so my face is extremely furry.

Here is it applied to my face. Naturally my face has a ridiculously oily t-zone and the apple of my cheeks are very dry and flaky and also my mouth area too. I pretty much look like Dave Chapelle during the Tyrone Biggums skit. (Click to watch. It's uncensored though, kids.) As you can clearly see, my face looks nothing like that in the photo above.

My main problem with moisturizers is that if it's enough moisture for my cheeks, it makes my t-zone go out of control and then my bangs become extremely oily before half my day is over and that is no bueno! F-A-B has created a magical product that's able to fix my problem, kudos to them!

Overall, I'd repurchase this product but a 6oz tub is a very RIDONKULOUS amount to use up. I'm sure I'll occasionally stray from using this product and trying something new but I really don't see anything being more balancing for my face.

What do you think? Would you buy/try this product?

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  1. I would definitely give this a shot when I visit Sephora next. Skincare is a finicky thing...when I find something that works great, I tend to stick with it because I have sensitive skin and I risk getting an allergic reaction with new products I use. Great review!


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