19 November 2012

fotd: purple skies

I had this craving to wear colors the other day and came across some eye shadows I forgotten I even purchased. (Yes, I forget.)

I took these photos at the end of the night and my skin looks a bit oily with the flash on so I cropped out the face, I almost didn't post this because I'd prefer to have the natural day light!


Has anyone ever looked at the sky at odds times of the day? It's gorgeous. There's hints of dark blue, purples, lighter blues, pinks, and oranges! I can honestly say I haven't seen that in a while because I'm caught up in other things!

I guess that's what this look sort of reminded me of after I felt it was finished. I used a dark blue between the lighter blue and purple but it didn't really capture it on photo :( (black friday is coming up, time to invest in a new camera, hopefully!)

 Without further ado, here it is!

Hope that wasn't too boring! I'm not too sure of all the colors I used off the top of my head, but if you're absolutely curious just ask.


Thanksgiving. The time where I feast and shortly after, take a nap. My family celebrates on Wednesday so we aren't on a time crunch (and food coma) when we visit the in-laws. What are your plans for Thanksgiving?


  1. beautiful!! love the eyeshadow look!!

  2. I love this, it goes so well with your skintone and brown eyes (:

  3. Thank you everyone!! :) the boyfriend doesn't love the look so much though, but who cares what his opinion is :P lol


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