28 September 2012

No Mirror Makeup Challenge

Hi ~

Last week, my friend Vyvien and I decided to attempt the "no mirror makeup challenge" after we finished our exams. She's in California for school at the moment so this was over the internet type of thing :P

This is how mine turned out...

Not bad at all! The purple in the heatherette palette didn't turn out as vibrant as I'd wanted it too, but I'm at my boyfriend's apartment and most of my makeup collection is at home so I had to improvise!

I also couldn't find any lipsticks so I just blended out some lipliner and made it work ;)

One thing that did piss me off; my stupid Palladio liquid liner pen broke on it! The tip fell out and got all over my arms/legs/thumb. I fixed it but that really made me made but I guess it couldn't have been a better time lol.

Photo below on the foreign marks. I thought there would've been more but I guess the odds were in my favor.

& lastly, the products I used. Sorry for such a dim picture, the apartment doesn't get good lighting which definitely works when I'm trying to sleep in ^_^

I think everyone should give this a try! It was really fun and interesting to see :)

Until next time.


  1. Not bad at all!!! haha... OMG I think I would suck at this big time!!!!

  2. Good job! I haven't tried this tag yet, but you are making me want to now!


  3. Wow good job! I doubt I could do this!

  4. @Joanna, I thought it was going to look crazy, but all I remember is "just keep blending" LOL

    @Denysia, you totally should! It was fun yet it didn't take long :)

    @Vanessa, I think you should try anyway! OR you should try to have your husband do your makeup tag!!!

  5. Oh wow!! haha!! you're good!! i should try it.. I will probably look like clown :P


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