17 October 2011

Review: Stila In The Light Palette


I've been on a real neutral palette kick. Starting since the NAKED palette came out. I don't understand why I keep purchasing them but I tell myself it's a different neutral shade and I convince myself each time... *le sigh*

This time around I stopped by Sephora and of course with their stupid lighting the shades were just screaming at me to swatch. The first visit the palette was sold out. The second time still sold out. FINALLY my third try I got my hands on it. I knew this dumb palette wasn't worth the $39 price tag because of the cheap ass material it's made from but when I swatched I fell in love.. PLUS it was such a pain in the ass for me to get a hold of which made me want it more!

Here's the palette and all it's cheapness. It doesn't even have a weight to it. My iPhone is WAYYYYY heavier!

Top Row: bare | kitten | bliss | sunset | sandstone
Bottom Row: champagne
| gilded gold | luster | night sky | ebony
Stile smudge stick waterproof eye liner in damsel

The palette does come with a full size smudge stick in a never before seen shade, damsel. It's a rich dark brown. My lighting didn't capture the brown-ness of the shade too well since once again it's night time!

The shades the palette comes with are all labeled on the back. It's somewhat convenient. Just don't understand why they don't just put it under the shade or something.

So below is a photo of how cheap the packaging it. Everything is held together by a foam piece with nice paper covering to give the illusion of having relatively "nice" packaging. I mean, for $39 I would at least expect the f*cking eyeshadow to stay in place!

I mean it was essentially my fault for sunset to be misplaced like that but it was ONLY a 4 feet drop. I wanted it to move back into place so bad, that's why there's fingernail marks to the left of the eyeshadow. Nothing worked so I just gave up before I caused permanent damage to the eyeshadow. I suppose the foam helped with cushioning the fall but it wouldn't have broke since it wasn't very high and the flooring isn't hard.

Here are some swatches. They're taken without flash and under tungsten lamp lighting so they aren't the best but accurate enough. All swatches are applied with a MAC 239 brush on bare skin, meaning no eyeshadow primer. They're in the same order as listed on the second picture.

Top Row

Bottom Row

Top: made a box and filled it in
Bottom: one single swipe of the eyeliner

All shadows look a lot more pigmented when applied on a base, but I didn't think about it whilst swatching until after I was halfway through. Be weary of over-blending with these shadows otherwise they'll turn up looking muddy.

The palette does include a "look book" of step to step instructions on how to recreate 4 looks.

I personally am not too big of a fan of the looks that are included but they aren't bad, just very basic.

I should've returned this palette while I had the chance, and the receipt. Now that I look back on it, it just isn't worth the $39 I spent on it. If the packaging were a little more sturdy and didn't feel so cheap then I wouldn't be complaining because it does include a full size smudge stick. I don't understand how this product has 4.6 out of 5 stars on sephora.com. One of the only good things about this palette is that it does include a variety of finishes from matte to shimmery to glittery to a satin type of finish.

I wouldn't recommend this to y'all but shade-wise it isn't a bad palette, just the packaging isn't there.

Has anyone tried this and was disappointed?!

I have more reviews to come! ;) with probably a FOTD and quite possibly an OOTD.. eek! :)



  1. Hola girl!!! I've missed your posts.

    I think Stila makes really great eye shadows but they're palettes seem to be just ok and just as great as their individual shadows...like nothing too especial especially the packaging.

  2. Thanks for the review :) I was actually considering checking this palette out, but by the looks of the swatches, I don't think this palette will really do it for me. They don't look very pigmented :(

  3. omg n to think that i was gonna buy it it:x i should just stick with getting the naked pallette all though i did like that it had a pink shimmer.

  4. The palette looks pretty boring to me :/ But then again I loveee my colour. Can you still return/exchange it? I hate I end up having to keep something that I spent so much on and I don't like, and that's for everything (clothes, shoes, make-up, etc..)

    Also, THANK YOU for swatching with an actual brush. I hate when I see finger swatches and everything is so pigmented, but when I get home I can hardly get the eyeshadow to show up. You don't use your fingers to apply eyeshadow, so why do you swatch with them?!

    Btw, I totaly LOL'd at:
    "Top: made a box and filled it in
    Bottom: one single swipe of the eyeliner" - idk why, lmao :P

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