23 March 2009

JesMakeup Love <33

I got my stuff in from Jessica at Jesmakeup :) (yes you do need a post) and it came in just in time for my birthday! :D another year wiser.. but I still got smashed! I don't even remember what happened or when it happened :( But I found out that I took a shower with my clothes on because I threw up all over myself.. shame on me :( But it's okay, I had fun!
The note:
Anywho, onto the stuff. My boyfriend came to my work to surprise me with it LOL! Girl, it took forever for me to open that envelope! I had to get the chef knives and hack it open xD I thought he bought me a birthday card.. LOL
I know that you're broke, so I'm going to send something to you too as a little thank you :)

I made a video the other night so I'm going to upload it later today and post it tomorrow hopefully :) I think it really sucks but I just wanted to update! :D The video features kiddos and it gets interrupted a lot and I'm not sure if it makes sense yet, I still have not watched it LOL!


  1. hahah you posted it!!! well i hope you like it!!! all my savings is gone! jk hahaha when is your bday? damnn u threw up n showered wit ur cloths? its ok.. thats the BEST PART!! haha hope u like ur mini stuff!!!!!!! aww ur soo sweet but u dont have too.. but since ur bday is coming up.. how about another goodie? hahahahha we'll seee... xoxo


  2. oh yeah, i forgot to mention.. i added on that hibiscus flower cuz it reminded me of you for some reason.. i thnk one of your old posts.. hehee


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