22 January 2009

Blondes & Brunettes

Hello ladies! =)

On MLK day;;

- I had a shopping day with my boyfriend's little sister but my boyfriend ended up coming along too! =) We went to the mall looking for Vans I promised to buy her but they didn't have the ones she wanted. Of course I picked up some things looking for the Vans store. I got
a cute blouse from F21 for only $13.50! Something I can wear for the film competition coming up =). I saw a black satin shirt from Guess and I fell in lovee!! I thought that one was $29 but when the guy rang me up it was only $14! =D Sorry no pics of those, can't find my camera at the moment.

- I went to Nordies to visit the MAC counter to originally pick up the Redhead MSF but they didn't have anymore =( I got Blonde & Brunette instead. So I sat down and she put the Blonde on me first. I have a darker skintone so she used it as a highlighter and put a pink blush on me. I really wasn't going to pick up the Brunette but she insisted on letting me see how it looks and she sold me lol. I did leave looking very "clowned-out" from the many layers of items that got slapped on =P

Blonde is on the right, Brunette is on the left. (all three pictures)

Sorry it's not very noticable on the last pic. Brunette's lightly applied on my face. Didn't realize how it looked until I uploaded the pictures. Please ignore my dark circles =) School is killing my sleeping hours. My earliest class is at 7:30 and unfortunately it's british literature =( I don't understand what they're saying and it puts me to sleep! GEEZ!


  1. Oh cool, I so want the Blonde one :D I think I might pick it up the day I'm going to the pre-sale of MAC Hello Kitty :D

    Oh, I'm sorry to know about the dark circles. I know what you mean about school. I sleep so late and wake up so early for school. I guess I just got lucky that I have not gotten any dark circles yet.

  2. Yeah school sucks haha! & 6:30?? That's way too early for me .. poor you! I've been unsuccessful at waking up early so I'm always running late to class lol.


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